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Uepa! Kúmo bo tá?

This is how “hello, how are you?” would sound in Palenquero – the only Spanish-based creole language of the Americas.  It was created aboard the Spanish and Portuguese ships that brought slaves from Africa and later developed over in San Basilio de Palenque; a little town with less than 3,500 inhabitants and located 50 km from Cartagena de Indias over in the Colombian Caribbean Region.

Founded at the end of the XVII century by African slaves that shied away from the Spaniards regime, this rich bit of cultural and linguistic heritage has been passed down through generations by oral tradition. The ancient and vast knowledge earned them UNESCO’s recognition in 2008 for being an Intangible Cultural Heritage.

Walk along the streets of this quaint town, where you will hear authentic Afro-Caribbean sounds and partake in the preparation of traditional recipes from one of world’s best cooking books (Kumina ri Palenge pa tó paraje). We invite you to meet and feel the spirit of a town with more than 300 years of knowledge and unique tradition.

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