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Quito Welcomes the Summer of Arts Program

Every year on August 10, Ecuador celebrates the first “Cry for Independence” that took place in 1809. This first attempt for independence was led by the “criollos” of the Quito aristocracy who decided to reclaim their political power. Unfortunately, they did not succeed, but their efforts did manage to awaken a revolutionary fever throughout the continent that would eventually lead many to seek independence from the Spanish Crown.

For the celebration of this date, the Mayor’s office organizes various cultural events for the month of August and call it the Summer of Arts. It includes concerts, theatrical performances, food festivals, visits to museums, handicraft workshops, and – for the second year in a row – it will present the Festival of Lights.

The Festival of Lights will take place from August 9-13 in Old Town and consists of the illumination of several emblematic buildings and churches, among them: the Basilica, La Merced, the Cathedral, Plaza de Santo Domingo, Plaza de San Blas, Plaza del Teatro, Plaza Carlos Andrade Marín, and Sucre St. (the side wall of La Compañía).

This is event is possible thanks to the close collaboration of the French Government  (especially the city of Lyon) together with the French Alliance. The organizers have chosen the works of French and Ecuadorian artists like: Patrice Warrener, Isabel Páez, Fidel Eljuri, Pablo Mora, Daniel Knipper, Eric Michel, Leslie Epsztein, Miguel Velez and Laurent Langlois.

The first Festival of Lights in Ecuador’s capital took place during the UN’s Habitat III conference last October, and attracted approximately 1.5 million people.

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