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Inti Raymi Festival In Ecuador And Peru Honors The Sun

Inti Raymi is one of the largest festivals and was the most important festival for the Inca Empire. It honors the Sun God (Inti in Kichwa) which is their most important deity and serves as a way of thanking the Sun God for the harvest while exalting the fertility of the pachamama (Mother Earth). This Incan celebration takes place during the winter solstice (the shortest day of the year) and represents the beginning of a new year.

The main event of the festival takes place on June 24, with a ceremony that lasts all day and takes place at the ancient fortress of Sacsayhuaman, located up in the hills above Cuzco in Peru. In Ecuador, the festivities take place in the areas of Otavalo and Ingapirca, the latter of which is located near Cuenca. During this celebration visitors becomes witnesses of ceremonies, dances, music, traditional meals and parades with traditional clothing. The Festivities of Inti Raymi are led by the Aya Uma, who personifies the spirit of the mountain, the energetic force of the pachamama (Mother Earth) and represents the origin and the spirit of the people.

The Inti Raymi festivities last a whole week, with music, dances, food (consisting of corn, potatoes and roasted guinea pig) and drinking chicha.

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