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Experience Bio Eggs & Cabins in the Tatacoa Desert with a Romantic Dinner Under the Stars

The amazing Tatacoa Desert in the department of Huila is a rich deposit of fossils.  It is a great tourist destination due to its atmospheric conditions that makes it perfect for astronomy. Following a one-hour drive from the Benito Salas Airport in Neiva, explorers will be able to enjoy a romantic dinner and campfire under the starry skies in the Tatacoa Desert, all while camping inside the amazing BioEggs – an innovative camping tent inspired by the dinosaur era that will take you back in time.

In addition to this, visitors can also enjoy some trekking, sightseeing and photography with a scheduled picnic stop along the way.

Also, San Agustin is just 3½ hours away. This is a place known for its ancient archaeological ruins and was categorized as a World Heritage Site by UNESCO. While here, travelers can visit the Archeaological Park of San Agustín where it’s possible to enjoy some relaxing horseback riding, bike rides or even just some trekking.

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