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Rio Iguassu

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Rio Iguassu

Day 1 – Rio de Janeiro ( – / – / – )

  • Transfer from GIG airport to Hotel
  • Overnight in Rio de Janeiro

Day 2 – Rio de Janeiro ( B / – / -)

  • Half Day Tour with Corcovado
  • Overnight in Rio de Janeiro

Day 3 – Rio de Janeiro ( B / – / – )

  • Half day tour with Sugar Loaf
  • Overnight in Rio de Janeiro

Day 4 – Rio de Janeiro ( B / – / – )

  • Day at leisure
  • Overnight in Rio de Janeiro

Day 5 – Rio de Janeiro / Foz de Iguazu ( B / – / -)

  • Transfer from Hotel to GIG Airport
  • Transfer from Airport to Hotel
  • Half Day Brazilian Falls
  • Overnight in Foz de Iguazu

Day 6 – Iguazu ( B / – / – )

  • Argentina Falls with Gran Aventura
  • Overnight in Foz de Iguazu

Day 7 – Iguazu / … ( B / – / – )

  • Transfer from Hotel to Airport
Day 1


Transfer in from Airport to your hotel

Upon arrival in Rio de Janeiro our host will meet you at the airport for transfer to your hotel.

Day 2


Half Day Tour with Corcovado

This morning our host will meet you in the lobby to take you to a sight considered one of the world’s most famous tour attractions in the world, the statue of Christ the Redeemer, with its open arms blessing the whole city of Rio de Janeiro, is exquisitely positioned on top of the 710m high Corcovado (hunchback) Hill. Made of concrete and soapstone, measuring 37 meters high and weighing 1.145 tons, the statue was inaugurated in 1931 and built with donations by the Catholic Church. A superb view of the whole city can be enjoyed from its open terraces, including the city centre and the beaches of the southern neighborhoods such as Copacabana, Ipanema and the Lagoon. It is also possible to see the Sugar Loaf hill at the entrance of Guanabara Bay, the whole city of Niterói, as well as a huge portion of the northern part of the city and its suburbs. From the top you can admire the fantastic blend of gorgeous beaches being washed by deep blue waters, high mountains that bound the landscape, thick forests and urban areas all together and connected. Once in Rio, it is easy to understand why Brazilians say that it took God seven days to create the whole world and five of them were spent only working in Rio!

The city does not only provide breathtaking views from above. Once you are back in the city streets you will be impressed by the huge portion of tropical rain forest inside its own urban area. The Tijuca forest is just a few minutes away from densely populated areas and one of its hills holds the famous Corcovado Mountain (where the Christ is located). Once there you will find roads and tracks passing through a dense green mass of trees and tropical plants. At its center, you can get close to an impressive waterfall, as well as walk along rivers and lakes. Butterflies, tropical birds and small animals can also be spotted as you move.

The beaches in Rio are part of the most popular attractions that the city can offer. Although it is a little far from the centre, Barra da Tijuca is one of Rio’s favorite beaches. This beach is known for its clean waters and beautiful young people who frequent it. It is also notorious for being a good choice for leisure and relaxation. One of the most attractive points in Barra beach is around a restaurant-kiosk called Pepê. Young folk, artists, famous sportsmen and curious people stay in the area close to the restaurant, where you can also taste fantastic snacks and sandwiches, all made with natural ingredients. In our tour we are going to have a stop at Pepêkiosk to try the famous Brazilian juice "açai", made from the berry with the same name, which is considered to be a powerful antioxidant.

Surrounded by expensive and classy apartments and a fancy golf course, lies São Conrado beach. The landscape is beautiful and the view of the surrounding hills, Gávea Rock, in particular, is just amazing. It is in São Conrado that you will find Rocinha, an impressive slum with more than 100.000 inhabitants. The suburb has also become very popular as it is the starting point (the Gávea Rock) and the landing area (the Praia do Pepino) for Rio’s famous hang gliding flights. The tour takes you from São Conrado beach to Leblon beach by the beautiful and scenic Niemeyer Avenue that runs between the Dois Irmãos Mountain and the sea. We will also stop by the Leblon belvedere for beautifull pictures of Leblon and Ipanema Beaches.

Day 3


Half day tour with Sugar Loaf

Rio is known for being a vibrant city as well as for its friendly warm and welcoming residents. Its colorful street fruit and vegetable markets display a lot of these qualities. They are allover Rio and are very easy to find being in different locations every day of the week. Paying the market a visit is a great way to be introduced to a huge variety of exotic tropical fruits sounds tastes and colors. The vendors are very hospitable and are always pleased to give out some samples of their products.

After our market visit we will head to one of the most popular tourist attractions in Rio – the Sugar Loaf. This name is due to the mountains shape resembling the conic moulds that were used in the sixteenth century to produce sugar. Located at the entrance of Guanabara Bay this massive granite rock measuring 396 meters is one of the citys most famous landmarks. You can reach its top by cable car starting at the gorgeous neighborhood of Urca. Built in 1912 by a Brazilian engineer and renovated in 1973 the current equipment has transparent walls and carries 75 persons. The trip takes only 6 minutes. Once you are there the view from the top is simply superb and there you can also find restaurants bars souvenir shops and playgrounds.

By coming down to earth and visiting some of the historical and cultural attractions in Rio’s city centre it is easy and very interesting to understand the whole history of the city. This tour gives you some time to walk along narrow XIX century streets, splendid baroque churches and the ruins of the old port from where the most part of the Brazilian gold started its long journey to Europe.

Not far from the city centre, there is a distinctive place that some people call Rio’s Montmartre! You cannot miss a visit to Santa Teresa, a unique part of Rio located on the hills with its old houses and narrow streets. It is a place where you can feel the atmosphere of art, music and history. Being the home for several painters and artists, this little jewel is encircled by charming little restaurants, bistros and bars that add a touch of both sophisticated and simple gastronomy options. In Santa Teresa you will feel like youre in a little town, with small grocery stores, markets and family businesses. You will also have the opportunity to visit one of Rio’s most impressive tourist attractions: the Ruins Park, a cultural centre located at the ruins of a XIX century house, with a belvedere that provides you one of the most beautiful views of Rio.

Day 4


Day at leisure

Day at leisure

Day 5


Transfer out from your hotel to the Airport

Our host will meet you at the Hotel lobby and transfer you to the Airport in time for your flight to Iguassu.

Transfer from airport to your hotel

Our host will meet you at the airport and transfer you to your hotel.

Half Day Brazilian Falls

Our host will meet you at the hotel lobby from where we will start our walking tour along the falls. The tour will start on the lower part on a stroll on the trail that descends down the canyon to offer panoramic views of more than 240 falls. Ride the glass elevator up the cliff face for an exquisite view from the upper deck. The Iguassu National Park along with its sister park in Argentina form the most significant remaining rainforest in the southern cone of South America which along with the waterfalls have been declared a National Heritage Site by UNESCO. The tour ends with a visit to the craft fair.

*BR Park entrance fee included.

Day 6


Argentina Falls with Gran Aventura

Our guide will meet you at the hotel lobby for the short car transfer to the Argentina national falls park where you will be doing a walking tour.

In order to get to the catwalks from where the falls can be viewed we will board a gas-propelled train which will take us to the upper falls circuit and the Devils Throat the most impressive waterfall at Iguassu. A catwalk rising 1100 meters high from the Iguassu River will lead us to a magnificent view of the largest and most striking waterfall in the region. A strategic viewpoint located at the end of the platform allows a close-up view of the fauna and flora. From this point the visitor is so close to the huge fall that they can really feel all the power and magic of that unforgettable destination.

Next we will explore the lower circuit catwalks from where we can have other striking views being closer to the Iguassu River and seeing more breathtaking falls and landscapes.

For those who like adventure the Gran Aventura boat tour is not to be missed! Whirlpools, waves and currents provoked by the falls add adrenaline and lots of emotion to this thrilling tour.

In the Iguassu National Park in Argentina, specially adapted large trucks will take visitors to explore four miles into the humid subtropical forest as far as the banks of the Iguassu River. There, we will board special zodiac boats that will take us at high speed downstream from the falls. We will enjoy one of the most remarkable experiences in the region: the direct and wet contact with the mighty Iguassu Falls. This will be a journey of pure excitement and fun, embraced by the fabulous scenery of the cliffs formed by waterfalls. On sunny days, it is almost impossible to finish the tour without seeing rainbows. Formed between the cliffs, the rainbows look like a celestial gateway to paradise. A unique experience!

After all that excitement, we will get off the boat at the base of the falls, following a catwalk that will lead us to the lower visitation circuit.

*AR Park entrance fee included.

Day 7


Transfer from your hotel to the Airport

Our host will meet you at the hotel lobby to take you to the airport.

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