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Our Services

Adventure Associates -established in Dallas, Texas in 1974- offers exciting custom-made explorations to the most outstanding destinations in South America, combining intense discovery, affordable luxury and flexibility.  We have the expertise to design the most rewarding travel experiences to the Andean countries of South America: Colombia, Ecuador, Peru, Argentina, Bolivia, Chile, Uruguay and Brazil, catering to individuals, couples, families and small groups.

We have our own operation offices in Colombia, Ecuador, Peru, Argentina and Chile and strategic alliances with the best properties in the region, to guarantee high quality and reliable services throughout our trips.

We are passionate believers in the power of personal renovation while discovering the world and preserving the environment, the local traditions and the culture of the places we visit.

Our Dallas based experienced staff serves the North American Travel Agents and travelers from all over the world.

Headquarters Address: 7920 Belt Line Road, Suite 245, Dallas, TX 75254
Phone: 1-972-907-0414 1-800-527-2500  Fax  1- 972-783-1286

Adventure Associates Inc. is a corporation duly organized  and existing by and under  the laws of the State of Texas, USA.

Juan Sebastian Donoso, GENERAL MANAGER

Juan Sebastian’s passion for travel has got him to visit, throughout his life, many countries, especially in South and North America and Europe, which has allowed him to discover fascinating cultures, landscapes, people, architecture, but most importantly, to reaffirm his love for his native Ecuador.

Juan Sebastian has always worked in the Tourism Industry in South America, therefore has a vast experience in the destinations Adventure Associates offers.

He tells us: “Nothing can be more rewarding than helping travelers make their dreamed holidays come true. That is what makes me love everyday more and more what I do”.


Kristina Bell, Account Manager

Originally from Sweden, Kristina’s love for international travel began with Braniff, took her to Swissair and fortunately, brought her to us. She brings 30 years of travel experience to the clients of Adventure Associates including incentive sales planning, international account management, and corporate and group travel.

While enjoying numerous trips to Europe, Hawaii, Japan and Malaysia, Kristina believes no place compares to South America. Having explored Ecuador, Argentina, Chile, Peru and Brazil, she gladly reports: “The countries are majestic and the people are delightful. They have genuine desire to share their country with you.” Kristina’s real gift is being able to use her knowledge to bring people closer to their ideal travel experience. “Taking a destination that seems so far away, and making it near, taking the dream and making it a reality, is the best part of what I do.”


Jillian Flores, Account Manager

Born in India, Jillian moved to Dallas in 1997 from the Kingdom of Bahrain, where she was working. Coming from a family who were all in the travel business, Jillian, naturally gravitated toward that field. After graduating from the University of Madras, she moved to the Kingdom of Bahrain where she worked first for World Travel Service, the biggest GSA in the country and then for the American Embassy as their Travel Coordinator. She brings 18 years of travel experience to the clients of Adventure Associates.

Jillian has visited the countries of France, Germany, Thailand, England, Malaysia, Ecuador and Peru, where she got to explore the cultures and the destinations. Jillian considers South America to be the best destination for international travel – the landscapes are unforgettable, the people are friendly and welcoming and the destination has something to offer for every kind of traveler.


Douglas Legrand, Account Manager

Traveled frequently throughout his childhood, Douglas developed a special appreciation and affinity for international destinations and experiences at an early age. For the most part he had only been around North America and gone to Europe a few times, but during his junior year at Texas A&M University, Douglas left to study abroad in Pretoria, South Africa. This experience is what Douglas attributes for fostering his great fondness and passion for international travel. In the summer of 2005, Douglas embarked on a two year Peace Corps assignment in the middle Andes region of Peru. He worked in the small business development program and was teamed up with an association of ceramics makers while living among the members in their small community. During this time, he was able to experience Peru in its entirety- its many amazing cultures and its truly diverse regions over the coastal, mountain and jungle areas. Douglas also relished the opportunity to travel to many other destinations in South America and has since been back several times.



Pat Bukieda –

First of all, I have been to 78 countries, and I can honestly say this was the trip of a lifetime. The ship was absolutely wonderful, the crew adorable and the Islands just simply, simply magical.

Everything you handled worked perfectly – from the guides to the hotels to the destinations. I’m smiling as I write this. Casa Gangotena, the hotel is absolutely beautifully restored, the location superb. I can’t express my appreciation for all of your efforts, and an incomparable trip. Kind kind regards, Pat Bukieda

Val & Kim

It was a fantastic trip, they were outstanding in their attention, felt very secure. Val What a trip! The best place I’ve ever been in my life! The boat was amazing too! Hard to be back to reality!! Thanks for everything! Kim

K. Bala

We had a wonderful time in Rio, Iguassu Falls, Manaus, Anavilhanas lodge and Sao Paulo. You had taken care of us very well! We were met by someone at all the places. All the guides were knowledgeable and very helpful. I must make a special mention about Gustavo in Sao Paulo. He was just wonderful and friendly. Again, thanks a million! Regards, k.bala


On behalf of my husband and myself, I want to thank you for arranging our trip to Brazil, along with our friends. We had a great time. Things went smoothly everywhere and the local guides were very helpful and knowledgeable. We appreciate your patience and consideration in taking care of our needs especially vegetarian meals in the Amazon jungle. Thank you once again for giving us a memorable journey to Brazil.



Hi, I want to thank you for helping us have a wonderful trip to Brazil. We appreciate you dealing with us very patiently, and taking the time to arrange everything. Our guides were very helpful, and friendly. The accomodations at all the hotels were also very very good. We didn’t have any problem anywhere on this trip and thanks to your excellent arrangements everything went very very smoothly. Thank you again. Padma


My parents, husband, and I recently traveled to Buenos Aires and Iguazu for a much needed vacation. From the moment we landed in Buenos Aires, Adventure Associates took great care of us. They picked us up at the airport and provided an extensive itinerary for our stay. During our trip we worked with knowledgable, friendly tour guides who spoke English and provided us with superior customer service. (continue)


My family & I signed up for several tours including a City Tour of Buenos Aires, a Tango Show, a visit to an Estancia (Ranch), and several tours of the Iguazu water falls during our trip. During each tour, we were picked up on time from our hotel, hosted by wonderful tour guides, and provided exceptional experiences every time. The best part of our activities with Adventure Associates was that they included 1 on 1 interactions instead of being part of a big tour group. (continue)


This gave us time to go at our own pace on our trip, ask lots of questions, and have a wonderful experience that felt intimate instead of touristy. I have already told friends and acquaintances that if they are planning a trip to Argentina they should definitely use Adventure Associates. We plan to go back and visit other regions of the country and we plan to use their services when we go back! Thanks! Tiffany

Pete and Christine Adolph

Just wanted to thank you again for arranging our trip to Ecuador and the Galapagos. We had an absolutely perfect time. We highly recommend this trip to any of your other clients. We loved our days in Quito and the surrounding area. We felt we had first class treatment and outstanding travel arrangements. Again, thanks for all your assistance in making this one of the most memorable trips of our lifetime. Pete and Christine

Joan Bartholomew

Dear Kristina, We wanted to thank you for helping us organize our trip of a lifetime to the Galapagos and Amazon! You were absolutley right in reassuring us that everything would go smoothly. Every suggestion you made was right on target. MV Santa Cruz was a perfect fit for us. The Galapagos naturalists were great and went out of their way to accomodate and teach our young kids. I would definitely recommend this trip to families with young kids. (continue)

Joan Bartholomew

They learn so much and maybe more importantly, they learn to appreciate nature and wildlife at an early age. The Amazon, I have to say honestly that it was even more amazing than the Galapagos Islands. I think we would have extended our stay to 4 or 5 nights. We and the kids had the most fantastic time getting up before dawn everyday, trekking and hiking through the rainforest with our 2 wonderful guides. (continue)

Joan Bartholomew

The night excursions, the canoe rides, the monkeys, the 500+ species of birds, the piranhas, the Caiman alligator…even the kids agree it was better than Disney World! And we have nearly 2000 photos to prove it! Anyhow, we really wanted to tell you how grateful we are to you in making this trip possible for our family. Also, we would definitely like to look into the Anartica tour and the Machu Picchu tour in a few years. Joan Bartholomew

Jay & Marilyn – NY

As per our conversation, the guides were uniformly professional, extremely knowledgeable, punctual, courteous and went above and beyond what we expected and on the La Pinta as well. It is a first class, “A” plus operation. We recommend the Touring company and their personnel with our highest recommendation, and want to thank Pablo in Texas for whatever he said to all of them that made our stay so wonderful. Jay and Marilyn, NY


Hi Victor, clients have returned from a wonderful trip to Ecuador and the Galapagos. All arrangements went very smoothly. Ms McGovern upon arrival Guayaquil asked the MT person how they could get a shart sightseeing tour of the city. Within minutes, someone met them at the hotel and took them on a tour. They were amazed, and wanted to be sure that I thanked you. You did a great job. Thanks, and we’ll certainly develop more business for you. Kind regards, Richard

Lorraine & Lonnie

We had a fabulous time in So. America. Every second of your trip planning was perfect. We loved Peru, all our accommodations, guides and destinations. And ditto for Ecuador. The Isabella was A+ as well as our guides and fellow travel mates. The photographic group was a blast for Lonnie. Lonnie loved the snorkeling experience with the sea turtles. Thanks for another precious memory in our life journey. Where should we go next?! Hugs, Lorraine & Lonnie


My Mom and I returned home on Saturday morning, safe and sound, and filled with happy memories from the Galapagos. We had a FANTASTIC trip!!!! As you promised, we did not have to worry about a thing! Everything from our tours in Quito, to our airport transfers, to our time on La Pinta ran incredibly smoothly. We were so impressed. The food was also FANTASTIC. My Mom and I both wanted to thank you again for all. We formed memories that will last for a lifetime! Warm regards, Lauren

Ellen (New York)

Kristina, BEST VACATION, EVER!!!! Thank you so much – everything worked out perfectly! We got our corner room at the Mariott and cottage 25 at Cusin and a fantastic lunch at San Augustin – wow! And Galapagos was unbelievable – suffice to say we swam with seals and whales and sharks (and that was only one afternoon!). I know you do South America – and we are eager to explore Chile and Argentina. Thanks again so much – All the best, Ellen


The trip was fabulous. The La Pinta is perfect, clean, beautiful, safe. Great staff. The ground staff was excellent in Quito. Maria, was our tour guide for about three hours, from 5 to 8. Just the right amount of everything. Thanks for all your help.


My high end clients went to Ecuador to visit Quito and the Galapagos. The trip was seamless, the servies were top notch, and the guides were friendly and knowledgeable. My clients only had the best things to say about Adventure Associates.


We just got back from our trip and had a fabulous time. Thanks again for the room upgrades the rooms were wonderful! Towards the end of our trip I was a little disappointed that we had not had a chance to swim with sea lions and on our last snorkeling trip a big sea lion and a baby adopted our family and played with us for a long time. It was amazing and the answer to prayer we really wanted our kids to experience such wonderful mammals playing with us in the wild.

Pam Goodman

Just wanted to say that our trip went great! Metropolitan touring did a great job, Finch Bay was wonderful-we had a fabulous time. Thanks for coordinating all the details. Also, the Patio Andaluz in Quito is a was fantastic. Gracias

Kevin Ryan

We enjpyed our trip with Adventure Associates- Metropolitan Touring. We will consider using you again for another trip to South America. Our Guide Richard and Driver Javier were both personable and professional.


You guys are the greatest!! Please accept from the 12 of us who went to Galapagos-Ecuador trip, our warmest thanks and a big WOW of how everything was perfect!! Other tour companies should take lessons from you guys!! Everything we hoped was beyond our expectation!! WOW and WOW over and over again. Of course we loved what we saw, heard and most of all pampered!!! Thank you!!


Dear Carolina I’m emailing to thank you for arranging my visit to the Galapagos. It was superb. It was a very enjoyable and relaxing experience and I appreciated the way in which the representatives, guides and hotel staff took care of everything right from the moment of arriving at the airport in Quito. Really the trip was everything I hoped for, and I am so glad you were able to fit me in at short notice


Attached please find a photo of some satisfied Peru customers. We had an absolutely wonderful trip! Peru has amazing scenery, awesome food and incredibly friendly people. Metropolitan Touring was wonderful to deal with. We had great guides; Miluska in Lima and Jaime in Cusco. They were knowledgeable, friendly and completely fluent in English. I am already highly recommending this trip to anyone who has an interest in South America. Thanks for all you help.


We are back from Galapagos and, as is my custom, I write to let you know about the trip. To summarize briefly, it was spectacular. Although I would not have thought it possible, it was even better than our first trip to Galapagos.

Laurie, NJ

…You once said that we needed to just trust you, and indeed, you have earned that trust. Everything went like clockwork. You did your job very well, and we had a fantastic experience.

Thanks for responding to all my requests. Everything went smoothly and the cruise was even better than we expected. We never thought we would see as much wildlife as we did and our room was very comfortable.

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